How to Write The Right Content for SEO

Many people wonder what the secrets to developing the right content for your website and blog consists of. Michael Berookim breaks it down in this blog post.

If you develop your content the right way, they will come. Your first priority is to develop original and unique content that includes the keywords you want to target. Through keyword research you can find the terms you would like to eventually rank for on the search engines. These should also include long-tail keywords that may be easier to rank for. There are number of resources that can help you find these terms, in addition to reviewing your competitors’ websites.

You want to write about a topic people are interested in, is in the news or that they would care about. The longer the better! Web pages generally tend to be longer than blog posts. However, it is always recommended, and Michael Berookim agrees, to have at least 200 words per page.

You need to have basic technical knowledge of SEO, including how to develop hyperlinks with effective anchor links, how to write a good title and meta description, etc. in order to end up ranking well. Keep an eye on Google Analytics over time to see how your page ends up improving.

Good luck with all your SEO efforts. If you ever need a helping hand, the team at Michael Berookim is here to help you and your business!